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Summoning Signals

Summoning Signals

A surreal narrative game for the SEGA Dreamcast.

You are Bertholet, an antique collector with a passion for old technology. As you are making a delivery across the galaxy, your ship starts behaving erratically and crashes on an unknown planet. Get to know the planet's strange inhabitants, repair your ship and escape before the fabled Minotaur finds you.

Repair and salvage

Bertholet will need to find spare parts to repair his ship. Break apart old machines and dig for circuits in computers. Make use of your tools to get your ship running again.

Explore a dyschronic world

You will soon discover that this planet's timeline is quite different from your own. New technology and old ruins are a common sight in Summoning Signals.

Unique art style

This game's unique world is made using photogrammetry, a technique used to create 3D models from pictures. The results are unlike anything you have seen on the SEGA Dreamcast.

A new type of Dreamcast Game

An isometric narrative puzzle exploration game featuring VMU interactions and rumble pack support.

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(demo coming out sometime in fall 2020)

Team & Acknowledgement

Roby Provost : game design, programming, visuals
Gab Ledoux : sound design & music

Summoning Signals is made using :
GLdc, KOS, DreamHal, LOVE2D, Hump

We would like to thank :
Kazade, Mrneo240, Moopthehedgehog, Protofall, BlueCrab, Rizzo and Ian Micheal
This project also received the support from Perte de Signal


What exactly is Summoning Signals?

I see Summoning Signals like a strange trip to a vaguely familiar planet. Some people say it reminds them of the Myst series or Lack of Love. We're inspired by Kentucky Route Zero for its visuals and storytelling, Hyper Light Drifter and Elemental Gimmick Gear for their worldbuilding and Seaman for its wierdness to name a few. Summoning Signals is a game for those who like to discover strange worlds.

Why the Sega Dreamcast?

I've always wanted to contribute to SEGA's last console library. This console (and its community) is what got me into programming and hacking 15 years ago, so it feels right to give back. Also, working with retro console has this hacker-tech-charm vibe to it.

Can I try Summoning Signals now?

Perhaps? We release some builds and prototypes on our page from time to time. We will release a proper demo around autumn 2020.

When is the release date?

We're really pushing for Q4 2020 release period .

Will there be a physical release for the Dreamcast?

We're working with Retro Surge Game to do a physical release. I can't spare any details, but we're really excited about this.

Does it works with GDEmu or any SEGA Dreamcast emulators?

Both work. I do all of my testing with LXdream and on GDemu. We don't know how we would release for these platforms yet.

Is there a way to play Summoning Signals if I don't own a Dreamcast?

The game does work on PC/Mac/Linux via Love2D. We'll probably release a PC version at some point, because why not?

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